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SugarRhi Sweets

Soror Rhiannon Crawford

Blue ComplexZity - Spring 2006

SugarRhi Sweets is a made to order dessert Company specializing in custom confections for all of life's celebrations!

Socialite Body Essentials

Soror Selena (Jackson) Parker

Blue AudaZity - Spring 2004

Premium body care products.

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Mother Mindset

Soror Octavia (Gibson) Steen

Blue I.N.quiZition - Spring 2009

I help current and future mothers see natural conception as a gift from God, no matter the struggle or length of time it may take to get to the point of motherhood.  My goal is to help you see how God sees you in this world.  Fearfully and wonderfully made. Created with a plan in mind, just like the future children He has placed on your heart to conceive.​


Stitch Unleashed

Soror Brandy Smith

Blue Outbreak - Fall 2012

Stitch Unleashed is a custom hair bonnet and clothing company.  We specialize in unique hair bonnets for men  and women to help protect their hair for any moment!  Each hair bonnet comes with silk/satin lining and can be tailored to your head size!  For more information check us out on instagram or click the link to our website



Soror Selena (Jackson) Parker

Blue AudaZity - Spring 2004

Professional Photography Services

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Freelife Productions, LLC

Soror Mikhaella (Mimi) Norwood

6 QueenZ of EccentriZity - Spring 2015

 I am the CEO of Freelife Productions, LLC., an actress, spoken word artist, motivational speaker, emcee, and freelance writer. Through Freelife Productions, you can expect to see original content of the aforementioned different art styles, so take some time to browse this site and enjoy yourself! If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe at the bottom of any page, and become a FREEBIE today!​


Omo Nyame Music

Soror Omolara Aza Mino

 Blue Outbreak - Fall 2012

Omolara Aza Mino (stage name: Omo Nyame) is a dancer, femcee, writer, and overall visionary. Her artistry has been coined by some as “the perfect balance between Black Nostalgia and Afrofuturism” - reflecting both where We have been, and also where We are going. In addition to her music and dance, she self-published a book series called “A Black Children’s Story” in 2016, which can be found on Amazon. Below, you can find links to access her projects and performances.


Apple Music/Spotify/SoundCloud: Omo Nyame

YouTube: Omo Nyame

Purchase “A Black Children’s Story”:


C.L.Monroe LLC

Soror Courtney Monroe

Blue ComplexZity - Spring 2006

Courtney is an independent stylist/colorist at a local Ann Arbor salon (Pura Vida Color Studio). Courtney specializes in emphasizing natural-looking, dimensional hair color that maintains the integrity of the hair. She has regular professional development where she sharpens her skills and stays up-to-date with color technology, and she’s a member of the American Board of Certified Haircolorists. She also loves working with natural curls.

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Fruit: Haiku of Haikus for the Blossoming Soul

Soror Mikhaella (Mimi) Norwood

6 QueenZ of EccentriZity - Spring 2015

Fruit: Haiku of Haikus for the Blossoming Soul is the first book of its kind introducing a new take on a ancient poetic art form. With nine chapters representing each Fruit of the Spirit, there’s something for everyone. Follow author Mikhaella Norwood as you not only read her thought provoking poetry, but even join along with room for journaling alongside the discussion questions and ultimately complete each chapter with writing your own Haiku of Haikus! So what are you waiting for? The Fruit of life awaits you!

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Raydiant Creations

Soror LaToya (Williams) Stewart

Blue ComplexZity - Spring 2006

I'm the owner of Raydiant Creations. We are a crafting company that specializes in seasonal home decor and centerpieces/table decor for special events such as birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, etc. If you are interested in seeing products I've created or you have an idea you'd like for me to bring to life, please visit and like my Facebook page, Raydiant Creations by LaToya